Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portraits Photography Service

July 19, 2012. For portraits, I capture 125 surreal and evocative photographs for Rs.500, these portraits either for individuals or groups are mainly with available light as I want to show people as they are in their environment rather than creating some one they are not. Portraits are charged Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 per theme, but I want that a person who may not be an aspiring model and actor too should be able to enjoy nice photographs of her or him at a less price as she or he may not find investing Rs.5000 to Rs.15000 for portraits for personal or peer group reasons. The reason why people may want good photographs is same as why one would dress nicely, eat good food, or go to an outing, or drive a nice car, people want good experiences in life, people want good quality, and good evocative photographs provide good memories. When we choose some thing we try to show or prove to people and ourselves about us, the feelings associated with our accessories, our books, our friends, our house, our car, our food, our cloths, etc., and the more senses like vision, smell, taste, sound, etc., and in intensity our belongings evoke what we desire to show people and ourselves the better, same applies to photographs as well, because you want to show and impact people with your photographs and activities. My photographs would provide people and your friends this evocative sense of being in the activities that you were doing while I was shooting you, just as some one feels in a movie. You can see my samples the links provided in "Photography Still" section. I am soon uploading my new samples for you.
I use Nikon D 80.

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