Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Contents and Updates

May 9, 2012.
Contents and Updates.
1. Buying My Fine Art Photography Works.
2. Portraits Photography Service.
3. Activities Links.
4. Introduction To Extreme Fine Art Photography.
5. Photographer.
6. Photography Still.
7. Contacts.

For seeing all the contents of this web-site, maneuver through the links in the right of this page, go through the dates mainly to access, as all the contents may not be visible in one single page.

For now I have opened this blog and stored my photographs in Flickr, as these companies are veteran in their specialization, thus taking good care and quality of my uploaded photographs and search facilities, better than individually made web-sites. I have also heard that one has to periodically provide money to maintain web-sites for cyber space, if the fees is missed, they web-site would be removed, so, I am not taking that risk now, as my main purpose is to provide access to you, rather telling customers to wait for the web-site's maintenance. Now I am a bit tight on money, so used these online tools.

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Angela Navejas said...

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kalyan said...

Best Wishes and admire your aesthetic sense!! keep up.........