Saturday, October 24, 2015

Purchasing My Fine Art Photography Works

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October 25, 2015, You can buy my extreme fine art photography for collection and decoration purposes. As you have seen here these extreme fine art photographs are captured for the first time in the world, this constitutes 2 new genres of art introduced for the first time in the world. In fact, your contribution to these art works would be historical as you will be still the one of the first buyers of these 2 new genres of arts. If you see the present and past art movements in the world and if you understand and appreciate art, you would definitely want to be an integral part to contributing to those art movement specially in their initial stage, and to let people see your contribution as well, same is here too, now you have this opportunity of contribute to these 2 newest genres of art work through my photography, and after buying my art works you have the opportunity to sell them later.
For now, I am providing 12 inches x 18 inches unlimited original mono prints to my customers, that is you, for just United States Dollar 1000, as I want my art works to be know as much as possible to people. I am soon producing big original limited mono prints which would also be very good for auctioning and re-selling by you after some time after purchasing from me.
Once you will pay me, the art works will be signed by me and would be physically transported to you within 1 month from the date I will receive the payment.

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October 25, 2015, A red eyed cow staring at us from the eerie night, giving us a message of nature's super-natural powers. In the left is an other-worldly squid-like creature, resulting into a collage representing nature's mystic and power.